Paradise Exteriors LLC started their business in October of 1990.

The company has been providing and installing impact windows and doors in people’s homes for almost 24 years.  Initially offering a plethora of services, the company made a smart decision to focus exclusively on windows and doors.  Specializing in only two services allows them to increase their knowledge on their products.  Paradise Exteriors LLC are now experts on the products associated with Impact windows and doors as well as installment of the products.

Florida weather is knoParadise Exteriorswn for the hurricanes and strong winds.  It can be difficult to find the right product to protect against the weather while still aesthetically fitting in with the rest of the house or the building.  Paradise Exteriors offers the highest quality of windows that come with different color and structural options to please the architectural structure of the building.  Additionally, Paradise Exteriors are direct dealers; cutting out the middleman allows for an easier, more efficient transaction.

Paradise Exteriors’ windows are Vinyl rather than aluminum.

Vinyl windows last for decades, and they require minimal maintenance.  They will still look new 10 years after installment.  To clean vinyl windows, wiping them with vinyl cleaner every once in a while will keep them looking new.  Vinyl products are also a sustainable and environment friendly material that does not emit any toxins.

Paradise Exteriors LLC are direct dealers of Soft-Life products.  The best types of window they recommend to most customers are the Soft-Life Armor Max Plus.  This window is heavy duty and has passed the very rigorous air, water, structural and missile impact testing requirements for Miami-Dade County in South Florida.  They are the best option of window to get for just about any location in Florida because they can withstand the most impact yet maintain a physical appearance that works with most structures.  Additionally, the windows are cost-effective, energy efficient, and protect against intrusion.

Armor Max Plus windows are known as America’s toughest, prettiest, and most versatile hurricane window. There are different levels of widows.  5400G Armor Max Plus Level “D” windows can be installed anywhere, even on the coastline.  The windows require no preparation if violent weather approaches, they let in natural light, and contribute to safety during power outages.

Armor Max Plus Features:

  • 3 panes of glass with a protective 0.09-inch laminated interlayer- this provides exceptional protection against airborne debris and other violent weather.
  • A rigid, tubular master frame- all corners fused together at high temperatures for extra strength.  There are also 13 extra chambers to improve insulating properties.
  • Heavy-duty constant force balance system with stainless steel reinforced attachment points.
  • 2 heavy-duty cam sweep locks that hold sashes in place during violent weather- this will aid to a safe and secure home.
  • The Soft-Lite vinyl windows complement all architectural styles.
  • Zamac 3 zinc-aluminum tilt latches on double-hung models are there to not only keep sashes secure but also allow you to tilt sashes in if you desire a breeze.
  • Soft-Lite’s high-performance SolarControl Max Low-E coating and argon gas between the glass panes ensure lower energy costs.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum screen frames designed to give a clearer view of outdoors and added airflow.
  • Automotive-type window glazing creates a super-tight seal.
  • Insulating foam wrap around the frame greatly reduces draft and noise.
  • PPG Intercept warm-edge spacer system reduces energy loss through glass

Paradise Exteriors

These windows are specifically designed for the most impact from weather, and in turn protect against intruders but are also made to blend in aesthetically as well as allow for a breeze if so desired.  Paradise Exteriors LLC, a family owned business, sends their own representatives to take measurements before ordering parts directly and then will install them themselves.  Not only do they have a lot of knowledge about windows but they love doing what they do.